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Matrox Parhelia Review - Page 1. Published on 2nd Dec , written by Dave Baumann for Consumer Graphics - Last updated: 8th Aug Vendor: Matrox. Matrox has come up with a PCI Express Parhelia aimed at high definition video editors. The price is keen, but does this card live up to the. Matrox Parhelia is a GPU with full support for DirectX and incorporating several DirectX features. Released in , it was best known for its ability to  ‎Description · ‎Features · ‎Performance · ‎Sales.

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Matrox Parhelia Driver

You get all the necessary cables for Dual- Matrox Parhelia TripleHead mode plus a cable for composite and S-Video output. Given the Parhelia's price tag, we're happy to see that these items are not pricey accessories.

Matrox Parhelia (PHA8X) MB DDR SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Graphics adapter eBay

Click here to view the results. We found that the feature has tremendous potential, Matrox Parhelia you have to practice. For instance, most gamers are not used to peripheral vision playing much of a role in the gaming experience.

Flying in virtual cockpit mode delivered the best overall effect. Frame rates hovered around 20 frames per second, which in a civilian flight sim where you're not trying to shoot anything down makes for a reasonably smooth effect. Then we turned our attention to Jedi Outcast and brought that game up running at 2,by Unlike Matrox Parhelia Flight Simulator, getting Jedi Outcast to run in TripleHead required tweaking its configuration file as well as adding Matrox Parhelia binary Registry key.

Considering how new this technology is, you will most likely have to tweak the game engines.

Matrox Parhelia Driver for Windows Mac

In Jedi Outcast, the frame rate stayed right around a decent and playable frame rate of 30 fps. Color fidelity and image quality The first thing I was curious about Matrox Parhelia how accurate the S-Video output is in its color representation.

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Matrox Parhelia I imported colorbars into After Effects, and checked what they looked like on the calibrated video monitor. After my worries about the colorbars that came with the Matrox software, this looked very good. Matrox Parhelia

Matrox Parhelia 256mb Pci-x PCI Video Graphics Card MGI Ph-p256pdif

Subjective comparison between DV output and the Parhelia output shows that the Parhelia board is quite accurate. If necesary the S-Video output can be independently calibrated using the Powerdesk software. Next I did a couple of tests using different gradient ramps generated in After Effects, and the video monitor showed some subtle banding: This leads me to Matrox Parhelia that the S-Video output supports only bit color.

With 16 bits per pixel bit color you get 2 to the 16th power worth of color combinations -- 65, color combination. For reference, when working in 8 bits per channel, After Effects uses a bit color space, and when working with 16 bpc, it's a bit color range. For most of the projects I've been working on it didn't look like the limited color space was such a big deal, as long as you don't use the Parhelia video output as your only reference before putting your material to tape or DVD.

Make sure you Matrox Parhelia have your VGA monitors well-calibrated, and use the Parhelia video output as an extra feedback on what colors will look like on a video monitor. The resolution of the S-Video output looked good.

For standard definition material you'll be able to see all the details Matrox Parhelia your footage. The only thing you need to realize is that the S-Video output delivers an exact mirror of the Composition Window, which is non-interlaced. So Matrox Parhelia does it feel?

Matrox Parhelia-512 (PHA8X256) 256 MB DDR SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Graphics adapter

When I started working on a project with the Matrox preview option enabled, it immediately felt very natural. Everything that happens in the Comp Window Matrox Parhelia directly mirrored to the video monitor. It's great to be able to judge typographic elements, thin lines and colors directly on the Matrox Parhelia monitor, if you're working for broadcast.

The video output provides direct visual feedback on the color levels, great for judging what your graphic elements will look like, and essential for color correction. Scrubbing the timeline with adaptive resolution enabled Matrox Parhelia the low-resolution image directly on the video monitor. The only elements that are not replicated on the S-Video output are the Matrox Parhelia elements like anchor points, paths, mask outlines etc.

Which Matrox Parhelia a good thing. Since the wysiwyg-drivers have not been updated for After Effects 6. In After Effects 5. So when the Layer Window is active in 5. This is the behaviour that I would prefer for most situations, since even when working on a mask shape in the Layer Window, I like to keep Matrox Parhelia eye on the final result the Comp Window, and would prefer to have the final composition on the video monitor. Apart from the occasional short flash of the Layer Window on the video monitor when switching between views or windows, I have not engaged any problems running the existing Matrox drivers with After Effects 6.

It's probably a minor issue that can be fixed in the next revision of the Matrox drivers. OpenGL can be Matrox Parhelia to speed up previews.

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